FAST™ Revolutionizing the Assessment of Active Fibrotic-NASH

What is FAST?

FAST™ is a FibroScan based probability score to help identify patients with active fibrotic NASH.

FAST™ combines your FibroScan examination results with an easily accessible blood biomarker to help identify patients with active fibrotic-NASH.


FAST NAFL NASH Infographic


FAST™ is a product from logoscore web


Designed for patients with suspicion of having NAFLD:

> FAST™ combines two physical biomarkers, liver stiffness by VCTE and liver fat by CAP, together with a circulating biomarker, AST, into a single score.

> FAST™ components are readily accessible in point of care, efficiently reducing your reliance on invasive examinations and costly lab tests.

> The FAST™ output is a probability of active fibrotic-NASH that can be easily interpreted by a healthcare provider.


logo fast scores by echosens

Fibroscan FAST scores



The FAST™ score calculator


The FAST score is intended to compute a numerical value based on the formula provided in the following peer reviewed publication:

"FibroScan based FAST (FibroScan-AST) score for the non-invasive identification of patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and significant activity and fibrosis: a prospective derivation and global validation study", P. Newsome et al., The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2020. 


>> Read the full publication


FAST™ score can be computed using the equation below :

  Formule FAST


The FAST™ score calculator is a tool for clinicians to calculate the probability of a patient with suspicion of NAFLD as having active fibrotic-NASH (NASH+NAS ≥4+ F≥2).  The calculator takes into account LSM by VCTE™, CAP™ and AST, and was developed based on a prospective multicenter study. The FAST™ score and calculator are presented as an educational service intended for licensed healthcare professionals. While this score is about specific medical and healthcare issues, it is not a substitute for or replacement of personalized medical advice and is not intended to be used as the sole basis for making individualized medical or health-related decisions.