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SmartExam is an innovative software available on FibroScan®  devices to support doctors and operators in the management of fatty liver patients and prevent liver disease progression. 





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Three reasons to choose SmartExam 

 visual improve reliability 

Improve reliability in the diagnosis and monitoring of steatosis
Continuous CAPTM

CAPTM is used as an aid to diagnose and monitor liver steatosis.
Without SmartExam, the probe’s button press triggers CAPTM computation. At the end of the examination, CAPTM is computed from 10 individual measurements. 
With SmartExam, a new computation method allows continuous measurement of CAPTM during the entire examination
In addition, when CAPTM measurement doesn’t meet the validity criteria, they are automatically rejected. Continuous CAPTM decreases variability by 42%*.

With SmartExam, Echosens aims to improve monitoring of patient’s lifestyle change and therapeutic intervention.


visual extend usage 
Extend usage among severely obese patients
deeper assessment of liver fibrosis and steatosis

Without SmartExam, the maximum recommended PCD is 35 mm. With SmartExam, the maximum recommended PCD is 45 mm, representing an increase of 28%.


visual dedicate more time 
Dedicate more time to the patient care thanks to tasks automation

With task automation features, operators can dedicate more time to patient care, and less time on performing FibroScan® examination:

puce E and CAPTM gauges automatically increase when measurements are validated

puce Measurement depths are automatically adapted to patient’s morphology

These task automation features were designed to further enhance the standardization of the FibroScan® examination.




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